Introducing the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

Introducing the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

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We now have a number of exciting opportunities available for talented and committed young athletes through the Level 3 Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) qualification.

DiSE offers aspiring cyclists aged 16-18 the chance to pursue a dual career that offers opportunities to train with highly qualified British Cycling coaches whilst also undertaking a full-time study programme to support wider career aspirations.

DiSE is a level 3 qualification worth 64 UCAS points that you complete over two years alongside your main study programme at school or college. In the first year of the programme for British Cycling there are 10 places available nationally, so it is highly competitive for elite level or potentially elite level cyclists.

British Cycling's Performance Pathway Manager, Tom Stanton, said:

"Being in receipt of DiSE places creates a new and exciting opportunity for us to expand our support offer. As the development pathway evolves it is key for us to ensure we are attracting and enabling the most talented athletes in the UK to British Cycling."

How the programme works

DiSE is funded by the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) as a dual career pathway for athletes who have been recognised and nominated by British Cycling as having high potential for excellence.

The programme is delivered over two years, with cyclists able to choose their further education studies, such as A levels, BTEC or other vocational qualifications. Athletes must be in full-time education for the duration of the DiSE programme.

The DiSE programme is a new and important component of British Cycling’s English Talent & Performance Pathway. Through it, British Cycling hopes to provide talented young cyclists with the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

What topics does DiSE cover?

Over the two-year programme athletes will complete focused sessions around technical, tactical and physical improvement, and further their understanding in terms of:  

  • Injury prevention
  • Psychological skills
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Career planning
  • Financial planning
  • Communication and media
  • Anti-Doping (100%ME)
  • Health and safety
  • Culture, values and behaviours

Athletes will also have an opportunity to access additional CPD courses to further their knowledge in cycling.

Who is eligible?

DiSE is designed for the following categories of athlete:

  • Aged 16-18.
  • Member of a British Cycling affiliated club.
  • Athletes who are, or show the potential to ride at an elite level
  • Athletes that are part of or have been part of British Cycling’s Talent Pathway, or posted consistent results at national level in their chosen discipline.
  • Athletes must be in full-time, ESFA funded education for the duration of the DiSE programme.

Where can I study for DiSE?

In this first year of DiSE for British Cycling, athletes can study at four existing College Cycling Academies, which are:

  • Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy, St Albans
  • SGS Cycling Academy, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College
  • Manchester Cycling Academy
  • Derby College Cycling Academy

However, athletes can complete A levels, BTEC or other vocational qualifications while committing to developing cycling performance at one of the four colleges above.

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Application process

To apply, after ensuring you meet the criteria above, please express your interest via the form below. Places will be reviewed and awarded by members of British Cycling’s Talent and Performance teams.

Applications closed on Friday 27 May 2022. Further information about applications for 2023-24 will be here when available.